COVID-19 Tiers

The MSU Returning to On-Site Work framework plans completed by the major administrative unit (MAU) have replaced the MSU Human Research Plan and use of the Tiers.

Because the MSU Returning to On-Site Work framework replace the Human Research Plans and use of the Tiers, in-person interactions with research participants by MSU employees, MSU students, or agents of MSU are now permitted so long as the research team’s MAU has obtained approval for their MSU Return to On-Site Work framework.

However, because there are unique considerations specific to human research, the MSU COVID-19 Considerations for In-Person Interactions with Research Participants document has been developed and research teams are expected to incorporate these considerations into their interactions with research participants. The guiding principle has been and continues to be the safety of our students, staff, faculty, and the community.

Last Updated 6-16/2021