Applications to the Michigan State University (MSU) Institutional Review Board (IRB) are submitted through either the MSU IRB Online Application System or by the IRBDocs email. The mechanism that should be used depends on the type of IRB application being submitted. Changes to this process are coming soon! See below for more information about the Click implementation.

MSU IRB Online Application System

The following types of applications are submitted using the online system:

NOTE: Any attachments (e.g. instruments, consent) associated with applications submitted through the online system are emailed to


The MSU IRB has established a separate email account to receive applications and other application attachments (e.g. consent forms, instruments) at

 The following types of applications are submitted by to the IRBDocs email:

New Research Compliance Management System - Go Live December 4, 2017!
The Office of Regulatory Affairs is launching a new web-based system for Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. The new system will streamline the creation, submission, and review of applications and protocols for researchers and reviewers. In addition, it will provide improved security and transparency for compliance processes, and allow researchers to better track approved documents.

Click Go-Live for IRB
Beginning December 4, 2017, Click will be used for all new IRB submissions (e.g. initial applications, renewals, and revisions). While the MSU IRB Online System will no longer accept new submissions, historical information in the online system is planned to be available to researchers for one year after go live, until December 4, 2018.

Transition Cutoff Date for New Submissions
On November 22, 2017, the MSU IRB Online System will no longer accept new initial review, renewal, or revision submissions for expedited and full board studies. New submissions for expedited and full board studies will resume in Click on December 4 2017. The November 22, 2017 cutoff date does not impact submissions for exempt applications, reportable events, or other submission types.

Click Implementation Resources
More information about the deployment of the new system is available on the
Research Administration Project website.