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For Questions Regarding IRB Applications, Submission Status, IRB Review, IRB Forms, Deadlines, Meetings

Contact the Institutional Review Board staff. We strongly recommend that if you have questions about a particular application, that you contact the IRB administrator directly. If you are uncertain who the IRB administrator is for your application or have general questions, please contact the IRB office.  

For Questions Regarding Site Visits, FDA Requirements, HIPAA, PHI, Clinical Research Billing Compliance, Coverage Analysis, Registration, Compliance Help

Contact the Compliance staff.

For Compliance Concerns, Report a Complaint, Serious Questions or Concerns About Subject Welfare, the Process of Review, Committee Decisions

Contact Ashir Kumar (BIRB, CRIRB Chair), Harry McGee (SIRB Chair), or Kristen Burt (HRPP Director).

For Questions About Particular Committee Decisions

Contact Ashir Kumar (BIRB, CRIRB Chair) or Harry McGee (SIRB Chair) or Barbara Decker (CRIRB), Kim Hess (BIRB), or Tonya Jamison (SIRB).

For Website Questions or Suggestions, Suggestions for Training Content, or to Schedule a Presentation or Session for College or Department

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