FAQ: How do I assign the Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB) Certification to an individual?

This FAQ has been developed to assist the HRPP staff with the Saba training system and describe HRPP staff administrative use of the Saba training system.  To view FAQs for researchers, click here.

To assign the Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB) Certification to an individual, an IRB administrator can search for the person within the "People Administration" drop down menu and add a job role of "Human Researchers," which assigns the Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB) Certification.

1. Log into the Saba training system

2. In the upper right corner, in the drop down menu “Go To,” select “People Administration”

People Administration

3. Within the "People" tab, enter the information you want to search for the individual by (e.g. Last Name), and click "Search."

People Search by Person

4. Under the "Search Results," locate the individual you were searching for, and then click "Full Profile."

People Search Results

5. The individual's full profile will be displayed; scroll down to "Current Job Information" and click "Add Required Role."

Full Profile

Add Required Role

6. A pop up window to "Select Role" will open. Enter "human" into the "Role" search box and click "Search."

Job Role

7. Click the check box next to "Human Researcher (HRPP/IRB) and click "Add These Roles" to select.

Add Role of Human Researcher

8. The role of "Human Researcher (HRPP/IRB)" is now associated with the individual. In addition, under "Licenses and Certifications," the "Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB) Certification" now displays and is associated with the individual.

Role and Certification in Full Profile

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