FAQ: How do I check an investigator’s course completion record in Saba?

This FAQ has been developed to assist the HRPP staff with the Saba training system and describe HRPP staff administrative use of the Saba training system.  To view FAQs for researchers, click here.

To check an investigator's course completion record, an IRB administrator can access  the "Ad Hoc Certification" Report within the "People Administration" drop down menu. Please note that this report only displays the courses completed; it does not display certifications.

1. Log into the Saba training system

2. In the upper right corner, in the drop down menu “Go To,” select “People Administration”

People Administration

3. Click the “Reports” tab (right side of screen)

4. In the “Name” field, enter “ad hoc” or "ad hoc course" and click “Search”

Report - Ad Hoc

5. In the “Actions” column, hover over the “Actions” link and select “Execute”

Ad Hoc Course Report

6. Search for an individual using the information that you have available (note: system may enter a default certification name; remove the default to search for newly completed training)

Generate Report

7. View information needed. Please note that this report only displays courses.

Ad Hoc Course Report Results

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