FAQ: If I am a guest investigator, how do I submit a request for acceptance of alternate IRB training?

  1. Log into the Saba training system (Note: you must register with the MSU Community System to log into the Saba training system if you are a guest investigator and do not have a MSU NetID)
    Saba Log In
  2. Click "Find Training"
    Find Training
  3. Select "Certifications" from the drop down menu, enter "Human" within the search text box, and click "Search"
    Find Certification
  4. Within the results, find "Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB) Certification"
    Found Certification - Not Yet Registered
  5. Select "Begin Registration" by clicking the hyperlink
    Found Certification - Begin Registration
  6. Please note the views may vary to select and complete the registration process:
    1. Select "Non-MSU Researchers with Existing Human Subject Training" and click "Register for Selected Path"
      Register for Path - Alternate
    2. Click "Complete Registration"
      Complete Registration
    3. Note: if you are presented with a webpage view instead of the pop-up menu, select "Non-MSU Researchers with Existing Human Subject Training" from the drop down menu and click "Register for Selected Path" and click "Complete Registration"
  7. Within the learning assignment:
    1. Review the "Instructions for Request" module by clicking "Begin." Please note that the module will automatically launch upon initially opening the course.
      Alternate Course_Instructions
    2.  Submit the completion certificate of the institution’s human subject protection training:
      1. Within the module "Request Acceptance of Alternate Human Research Training," hover over “more actions” to display the menu and select “View/Edit Attachments” by clicking the hyperlink
        Alternate Course_Add Attachment
      2. This will display a window to add a new attachment; click "Add Attachment"
        Add Attachment
      3. Enter the attachment name
      4. For type, select “File” and upload the completion certificate
      5. Select a category
      6. Locale defaults to “English”
        Upload Attachment
    3. Submit the request for acceptance of alternate training
      1. Click “Email Reviewers” button
      2. Select all of the reviewers (Becky Gore, Kristen Burt, Judy McMillan)
      3. Modify the default message as needed (e.g. if you would like to provide additional information)
      4. Click “Send Email”
    4. The email will then be sent to the selected reviewers for review. You will be notified when the training is accepted as equivalent.