FAQ: What are the course registration instructions when MSU IRB training modules are used as part of a learning assignment?

MSU instructors may assign IRB training as a learning assignment within their MSU courses or as a component of Responsible Conduct of Research training. If MSU IRB training modules will be used for this purpose, we ask that the guidelines below are followed:

  1. MSU IRB training modules are available through the Saba training system and may be used for MSU teaching purposes (e.g. learning assignment within MSU courses, component of Responsible Conduct of Research training).
  2. However, we ask that instructors use the “Overview of Human Research Protection Requirements” course, not the “Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB) Certification” within the Saba training system for teaching purposes.
  3. Some students who take MSU IRB training modules to satisfy an assignment may not plan to engage in human subject research and the HRPP/IRB Certification is intended for individuals who complete the training to satisfy the MSU IRB Required Training. We ask that students only register for the “HRPP/IRB Certification” if they plan to engage in human subject research.

Instructions for Course Registration

  1. Log into the Saba training system (Note: you must register with the MSU Community System to log into the Saba training system if you are a guest investigator and do not have a MSU NetID)
    Saba Log In
  2. Click "Find Training"
    Find Training
  3. Enter "Overview of Human" within the search text box and click "Search"
    Search for Course
  4. Within the results, find "Overview of Human Research Protection Requirements"
    Overview of HRP Course
  5. Select "Launch" by clicking the hyperlink
    Overview of HRP Course_Launch
  6. When the "Launch" hyperlink is clicked, you become registered for the course. Typically, an online training module will pop-up and the course, including the learning assignments, will be displayed.
    Launched Content
  7. "Overview of Human Research Protection at MSU" and the "Ethical and Regulatory Considerations" modules are required content to complete the course.