FAQ: What are the differences between the HRPP Certifications?

There are two HRPP Certifications within the Saba training system.

HRPP/IRB Legacy is the certification given to individuals who previously completed MSU required training (e.g. MSU IRB Tutorial, CITI). Individuals who have this certification automatically “ACQUIRED” (i.e. completed) it upon migration of existing IRB training data to the Saba training system. This certification acts as a pre-requisite and places the individual into the path within the Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB Certification) that waives completion of one of the two required training modules.

Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB Certification) is the NEW certification and is achieved through the Saba training system by completing the training requirements or through acceptance of alternate training. This certification has three paths that,  based on your IRB training history and affiliation with MSU, direct you to the required course and learning assignments.