Help to Determine Whether Your Existing Study is in Click

The location of the study depends upon the review level and approval status.

Studies Determined Exempt

Active Expedited and Full Board (approved before November 22, 2017)

Pending Expedited and Full Board (Pending IRB approval on November 22, 2017)

Closed Expedited and Full Board

45 CFR 46.118 Determinations

Activities Determined Not Human Subject Research

Incomplete Applications (created by not submitted to the IRB – exempt, expedited, full board, 45 CFR 46.118)

Studies with Active Reliance Upon an External IRB

Pending Use of an External IRB Requests

Availability of OLD Legacy MSU IRB Online System

The OLD Legacy MSU IRB Online System is planned to be available until December 4, 2018.

New Submissions

The NEW Click System is used for all new IRB submissions. This includes new submissions for:

  • Initial review of exempt, expedited, and full board studies
  • Renewals
  • Revisions
  • Human subject research determination
  • 45 CFR 46.118 determinations
  • Requests to use an external IRB
  • Unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others
  • Protocol deviations
  • Other reportable events
  • Closures