IRB Application Instructions - Category of Review

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  • There are three types of initial review:

    • Exempt

    • Expedited

    • Full board review (also called convened IRB review)

  • For minimal risk research, consult the Exempt Categories and Expedited Categories

  • Research that includes any activity that is not in an exempt category cannot be given an exempt determination

  • If you select Expedited or if this is an Exempt application, you will be asked to select the appropriate categories

  • For research that involves more than minimal risk OR if the research does not fit into an exempt or expedited category, full board review is required. MSU policy requires all research with prisoners to be reviewed by the full board for initial review applications

  • It is important for investigators to guide the IRB by categorizing their own research project. However, if the project is not eligible for the category selected, the category will be changed.

  • See the “Definitions” webpage of the website for the definition of minimal risk and prisoners

  • See HRPP Manual Sections 8-1, Exemptions, 8-2, Expedited Review Procedures, or 8-3, Full Board Review Procedure for detailed information about the distinctions in review categories and the relevant review processes

Helpful HRPP Manual Sections

Question Number

  • Initial Application (Exempt) - Question 4

  • Initial Application (Expedited and Full Board) - Question 5