IRB Application Instructions - IRB Submission

Help Information

  • Indicate if this project will be submitted to any non-MSU IRBs for IRB review

  • If yes and the project was approved, submit a copy of the approval letter

  • If you have not yet submitted to a non-MSU IRB, please check with the MSU IRB staff to determine if an agreement between the IRBs to rely upon another for IRB approval may be possible

  • When answering C, please include the category of review the research was approved as (expedited, full board) or determined exempt

  • See HRPP Manual 6-9-F, Multiple Research Sites, for requirements when the research will involve research sites that are external to MSU

Helpful HRPP Manual Sections

Question Number

  • Initial Application (Exempt) - Question 7C
  • Initial Application (Expedited and Full Board) - Question 10