IRB Application Instructions - Resources

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A. Identification of Funding Source(s)

  • If the project is sponsored by external sources (e.g. U.S. Federal Government, Industry, etc.) or internal funds (e.g. departmental grant), select yes and complete sub-questions 1 and 2; submit a copy of the draft or executed contract, the grant proposal, etc.

  • For sub-question 1, identify the source and provide the OSP/CGA App Number – i.e. the number generated by the etransmittal (app#)

  • For sub-question 2, select yes if the funding is pending (e.g. not yet awarded, contract not executed) and describe the current status (e.g. submitted to granting agency, just-in-time)

  • If the project is funded, also include a copy of the funding material to the IRB with application submission

B. Resources

  • This question must be answered, regardless of funding status

  • In this question, investigators should describe the resources available to protect human subjects involved in the research. This includes both monetary and nonmonetary resources as needed (e.g., space, equipment, staff, time, expertise, counseling, medical care).

  • See HRPP Manual Section Section 6-2-B, Minimization of Risks, Adequate Resources for a list of resource considerations

Helpful HRPP Manual Sections

Question Number

  • Initial Application (Exempt) - Question 6

  • Initial Application (Expedited and Full Board) - Question 7