IRB Application Instructions - Subject Population, Recruitment / Enrollment

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Recruitment / Enrollment

  • Describe how you will identify the subject population (e.g. will education or medical records be accessed, will a list of potential subjects be provided to you and by whom, will you search public records)

  • Describe how subjects will be recruited (for example, will you use ResearchMatch or subject pools, will you go into a classroom and ask for participants)

  • Describe how subjects will be enrolled (e.g. in the classroom or in the clinic)

  • There is recommended consent language if your research involves the MSU Communication Arts and Sciences Experimetrix or SONA; visit for recommended language

  • There is required language if ResearchMatch will be used to recruit subjects; visit for language

Advertisement (for Expedited / Full Board)

  • Specify the advertisement type(s) – email, mailing, flyer, TV ad, phone

  • Submit the advertisement in final form (e.g. video, script)

  • If the advertisement is multi-media (e.g. radio ad, television ad, online video), submit the multi-media advertisement

  • If the project involves investigational drugs or devices, additional regulations regarding promotion are applicable

  • See HRPP Manual 6-5, Selection of Subjects and Recruitment for requirements

Helpful HRPP Manual Sections

Question Number

  • Initial Application (Exempt) - Question 9E

  • Initial Application (Expedited and Full Board) - Question 20H