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NEW Click Research Compliance System - IRB

Log In for System Access: Click™ Research Compliance System – IRB

Logging into Click? The log in uses MSU authentication (NetID log in) and two-factor authentication. For more information, please view information provided by MSU IT Services.

Use Click for all new IRB submissions (e.g. initial applications, renewals, and revisions).

New! View help information about whether an existing study is in Click.

Click Help Desk:  517-355-2000 or clickhelpdesk@msu.edu

Support Materials, including Quick Guides and Videos


Protocol Templates: Also available in Click through SharePoint

OLD MSU Legacy IRB Online System

Log In for System Access: MSU Legacy IRB Online System – Researcher

Log In for System Access: MSU Legacy IRB Online System – IRB Reviewer

The MSU IRB Online System will no longer accept new submissions; historical information in the online system is planned to be available to researchers for one year after go live, until December 4, 2018. The system is also available to complete the reviews of any submissions pending before Click go live.

 VPN for Off Campus: required for MSU Legacy Online System; not required for Click.