Past Announcements


BIRB Now Meeting Twice Per Month
The MSU HRPP is excited to announce that as of September 2014, the MSU Biomedical and Health Institutional Review Board (BIRB) will typically meet twice a month; the second and fourth Monday’s of the month. However, for some months (e.g. December) there may only be one meeting.  The calendar on this website includes a tentative list of these meeting dates and submission deadlines for the next year. Please note that these may change as a result of holidays, etc.; please refer to this website for any changes. September 2014.

Requirement for Fifth Year Appendix Removed
Effective April 5, 2014, researchers are no longer required to submit a “Fifth Year Appendix” at time of renewal during the fifth year of an expedited or full board study. HRPP Manual Section 8-7, Renewed Approval, has been revised to remove the requirement for a fifth year appendix.  

A new form, “Request for Human Subject Research Determination” will help streamline the inquiry process on whether an activity involves human subject research and requires MSU IRB review. This form incorporates the regulatory definitions to make that determination and helps standardize the information requested. Investigators should submit this form if there are any questions on whether an activity involves human subject research and if there are questions, we strongly encourage use of this form before submission of an initial application to the IRB.

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