Past Announcements - 2013


New IRB Email for IRB Application Supporting Documents

To help improve the efficiency of processing supporting documents for IRB applications, a new email account has been created: Individuals should use this when sending:

  • Supporting documents directly to the IRB (outside of the MSU IRB Online System)
  • IRB applications not available through the MSU IRB Online System (e.g. closure form, unanticipated problem form)

Examples of supporting documents (also called attachments) include:

  • Consent forms
  • Survey
  • Interview questions
  • Recruitment materials
  • Contract or grant
  • Exempt Appendix

Individuals should continue to use for questions and other communications to the IRB.

Revised “Exempt Appendix” Now Available

The “Exempt Appendix” is a Word document that must be completed and submitted with the IRB Exempt Application. The “Exempt Appendix” has been revised and is now available through the MSU IRB Online System or on our Forms page.

Investigators should use the new “Exempt Appendix” with new IRB Exempt Application submissions.

New Personnel and Training Report in the MSU IRB Online System

A new report has been added to the MSU IRB Online System that provides the names of individuals listed on an IRB project and their training status. This report was developed to assist investigators ensure that the names of individuals participating on the IRB project on file with the IRB is current and that IRB training is up to date for all individuals listed on the IRB project.

New Guidance Document: Pregnancy Testing when Research Involves Non-Contrast MRU of the Head

The IRB has developed a new guidance document, Pregnancy Testing When Research Involves Non-Contrast MRI of the Head, that provides criteria when the IRB would not typically require the research protocol include a urine pregnancy test for women who are capable of pregnancy prior to participation in the research. A template “Pregnancy Screening Form for Women Undergoing an MRI in Research” is available.

For ongoing research, any change to your IRB approved research will require a revision and IRB approval prior to implementation, including use of this guidance document.

Recommended Format for Supporting Documents Submitted to the IRB

In an effort to decrease the amount of time it takes to process applications once they reach the IRB office, the IRB Administrative Staff would like to ask that you, when naming your attachments, to please include the application “i” or “r” number, date, and document type in the document name to ensure your attachments are uploaded to the correct application.

Sample formats are included below:

Initial Applications:
i######_12-12-9999_Consent Form
i######_12-12-9999_Grant Application Materials

Renewal/Revision Applications:
r######_12-12-9999_Consent Form
r######_12-12-9999_Assent Form