Process to Request a Guest ID

Changes to the Guest Investigator (External Team Member) Process with Click
The use of the G-PID by the IRB office is discontinued with the transition to Click.
Click allows researchers to identify external team members by name through a document that is uploaded into the Study Team Member SmartForm page. For this process, there is no need for a G-PID. With this process, individuals can be listed on the study team but do not have view or edit access to the study. However, there is the ability in Click to open and download a printer friendly version of the submission that can be provided to external team members. If the individual requires access to Click, please see the section below, “External Team Member(s) Who Require Log In Access to View or Edit Studies in Click” for the process on how external team member(s) can obtain access to Click. 

External Team Member(s) Who Require Log In Access to View or Edit Studies in Click
Individuals who need access to view or edit a study must first obtain access to Click. MSU’s two-factor authentication (2FA) will be used to log into Click and requires a NetID. If an external team member will require log in access to Click, a NetID will need to be obtained through the ID Office.  The sponsoring department will need to contact the ID Office at or 517-355-4500 and request a 2FA-enabled, login-only NetID for IRB Click access.  The NetID will not include MSU email access.  The ID Office will work with the department to obtain all of the information needed for creation of the NetID.

Once a NetID is obtained, the external team member will need to activate the NetID and establish 2FA access by registering a credential here:  Then the department can request access to Click by completing the eARM form available at   Please use the generic eARM form and request access as a Click Affiliate.  Please include the individual’s department, email, and phone number and the request for access as a Click Affiliate.

Please note that the process to obtain a NetID and to obtain access to Click through an eARM form as a Click Affiliate may take several weeks, depending on volume.

Once access is granted to Click as a Click Affiliate, an individual can be added to the study with the ability to view or edit the study.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO OBTAIN A NETID FOR ALL EXTERNAL TEAM MEMBERS.  You only need to obtain a NetID if the individual requires log in access and the ability to view or edit a study in Click. Otherwise, you can list external team members on the study team through a document upload and without a NetID.