Project Specific Reliance: Another Institution May Rely Upon MSU's IRB


To request that another institution rely on MSU's IRB review, provide an explanation within Questions 10 and 11 of the MSU Initial Application (Expedited and Full Board). If the non-exempt project has already received initial approval, submit a revision application to add an external site.

To faciliate the process, please contact the external site to determine their requirements for requesting review by the MSU IRB before submission of the initial or revision application, if possible. For example, the external site may require a reliance application to determine if the site would be willing to rely upon the MSU IRB. Speaking with the external site and determining their requirements before submission to the MSU IRB can help to streamline the process.

Please contact the reliance coordinator, Kim Hess, if you have questions about whether reliance may be appropriate for the project. We encourage individuals to consider reliance and contact the IRB office prior to submission of the initial application, as the reliance process can take time to complete.


The other institution will be contacted to determine if the institution is willing to rely upon MSU as the IRB of record.

*For most federally funded human research, the other institution must have an active Federalwide Assurance (FWA). If the institution does not have an FWA and the project is federally funded, the institution may need to request/ apply for an FWA through the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). Instructions for obtaining an FWA can be found here.

Agreement and Acknowledgement

A fully executed Institutional Authorization Agreement must be in place prior to the external sites engagement in the human research.