Project Specific Reliance: MSU May Rely Upon Another Institution's IRB


To request MSU rely on another institution's IRB review, please use the Reliance Application to Request Review by a Non-MSU IRB. Complete and submit the Reliance Application to Request Review by a Non-MSU IRB to the HRPP office along with supporting documentation (e.g. subcontract/subaward, the institution's IRB application, approval letter, and approved consent forms, protocol).

Please contact Kim Hess with any questions before completing and submitting this form.

Please note that MSU does not typically enter into reliance agreements for exempt research.


MSU may choose to rely on another institution for IRB review and approval after a determination is made that it is appropriate under the particular circumstances.  If MSU is the primary awardee of a grant and MSU is a site for the research, typically the MSU IRB will need to conduct its own review of the project. In addition, the other institution must have an active Federalwide Assurance (FWA) and should be accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP).

Agreement and Acknowledgement

A fully executed Institutional Authorization Agreement must be in place and the reviewing IRB must approve MSU's involvement in the research prior to MSU's engagement in the human research. The HRPP office will send the MSU Principal Investigator a reliance acknowledgement letter once the agreement has been signed by both institutions and approval for MSU's involvement has been received. Research and/or clinical investigations involving human subjects cannot begin until the MSU Principal Investigator receives the MSU HRPP acknowledgement letter.