How to Get Click Access

MSU’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used to log into the Click(TM) Research Compliance System and requires a MSU NetID. MSU employees and current students have permissions based on their employee/student status to log in and access Click.

However, any other individual who requires access to Click will need to request access as a Click Affiliate. This includes new faculty who have not yet started at MSU, students who are not currently enrolled (e.g. not taking summer classes), and external (non-MSU) researchers. If an individual fits into one of these groups, please see the sections below for additional information before requesting access as a Click Affiliate.

  • New Faculty

    As a new faculty member, your NetID is auto-generated once your hiring is completed in Human Resources. Requesting a PIN and activating the NetID allows you to create a password for your NetID and find out what NetID has been assigned to you.

    For departments hiring academic faculty, there is an optional pre-on-boarding process that may assist with the transition to MSU. It is possible to provision a limited group of services to incoming faculty and academic staff prior to being fully processed and hired in EBS, including obtaining a NetID. Visit to obtain information about the pre-on boarding process.

    If you would like access to Click prior to your start date, you will need to obtain a NetID and the new faculty member's department will need to submit an Access Request through the eARM process to request access as a Click Affiliate.

  • Students who are Not Currently Enrolled

    Students will receive an error if trying to log into Click if not enrolled in a course and they do not otherwise have access to Click (e.g. as a MSU employee). Click uses MSU identity management services and student access to Click is based on current enrollment. For example, during the summer months, if not enrolled in summer classes, students’ access to Click is removed, even if they are listed on a Click IRB study.

    To access Click when not currently enrolled, the student’s department will need to submit an Access Request through the eARM process to request access as a Click Affiliate.

  • External (Non-MSU) Researchers

    The use of the G-PID by the IRB office is discontinued with the transition to Click. 

    Click allows researchers to identify external team members by name through a document that is uploaded into the Study Team Member SmartForm page. For this process, there is no need for a G-PID. With this process, individuals can be listed on the study team but do not have view or edit access to the study.

    If the individual requires log in access to Click, please see the section below, “How to Obtain Click Affiliate Access." 

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO OBTAIN A NETID FOR ALL EXTERNAL TEAM MEMBERS.  You only need to obtain a NetID if the individual requires log in access and the ability to view or edit a study in Click. Otherwise, you can list external team members on the study team through a document upload and without a NetID. 

    If the individual requires training through the MSU training compliance system (Saba LMS), they can create a Guest Account at 

How to Obtain Access as a Click Affiliate

Follow the steps below to obtain access as a Click Affiliate; please note that not all steps may apply (e.g. if you already have a NetID). The process to obtain a NetID and/or to obtain access to Click through an eARM form as a Click Affiliate may take several weeks, depending on volume.

Once access is granted to Click as a Click Affiliate, an individual can log in and then can be added to the study with the ability to view or edit the study.