MSU HRPP Manual Section 2-2-D

U.S. Department of Education

This section provides additional requirements provided by the U.S Department of Education under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, and 34 CFR 356 as applicable to human subject research.

See the following sections of the HRPP Manual for specific requirements:

2-2-D-i          Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
2-2-D-ii         Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
2-2-D-iii       Funding under 34 CFR 356 for Fellowships Involving Disability and Rehabilitation Research

This policy and procedure supersedes those previously drafted.

Approved By: Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, 7-19-2011. Revision 1 approved by VP Research & Graduate Studies on 12-9-2015.

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