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Required Training

Human Research Protection (HRPP/IRB)

Anyone engaged in human research overseen by MSU must complete the human research protection training (HRPP/IRB Certification). If you have questions about what training is required, please contact the HRPP office at or 517-355-2180.

Login to the Ability training system above. In your Requirements tile, click the + and add the HRPP/IRB Human Research Protection track. You must complete both courses:  

  • Overview of Human Research Protection at MSU, and
  • Ethical and Regulatory Considerations

Alternatives are discussed below.

  • Alternate Training - MSU Individuals
    MSU individuals who previously completed a non-MSU human subject protection course may request acceptance of alternate training in lieu of completion of the “Ethical and Regulatory Considerations” module. If approved, the individual will only be required to complete the “Overview of Human Research Protection at MSU” module.

    Requests for acceptance of alternate training are typically submitted to for review by the HRPP manager for acceptance as alternate.

  • Alternate Training - Non-MSU Individuals
    Non-MSU individuals (e.g. individuals affiliated with another institution) may submit a request to accept a completion record for another institution’s human subject protection as an alternate to both the “Ethical and Regulatory Considerations” module and the “Overview of Human Research Protection at MSU” modules.
  • Alternate Training - Unable to Complete Online Modules
    An individual may submit a request for alternate arrangements when unable to complete the online modules (e.g. no access to internet). Alternate arrangements for training can be made when an individual is unable to complete the online modules.

Refresher Training

Principal Investigators (PI) are responsible for ensuring that individuals engaged in their research project maintain relevant and appropriate training, including the protection of human subjects in research. The PI are expected to evaluate the training needs of individuals engaged in their human research project and to provide continuing training as appropriate to the individual’s role and responsibilities.

Good Clinical Practice Training (GCP Certification)

All NIH-funded investigators and clinical trial staff who are involved in the conduct, oversight, or management of clinical trials should be trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), including principal investigators and clinical staff.

Visit the GCP page for more information, including requirements.