Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) specific to the HRPP training are available below. For all available FAQs, please visit the Main FAQ page.

  • How do I check the training status of my research team in Click?

    After an initial study has been created and saved within the Click(TM) Research Compliance System, the option to view the study team and the training status of each individual on the "Funding/Training" tab within the Study Workspace.



  • Why doesn't my training show up in the Click system?

    Depending on the time of day when you completed training, it might take up to 2 days for training to display in Click, after training is recorded as complete in the Training system (

    You must be registered for the HRPP/IRB certification in the training system (rather than just registering for the course).

    PIs can assign and view project personnels' training records using the Team Dashboard. Keep your training team status updated by emailing

    Email if you find a discrepancy in your training records.

  • What documentation do I need?

    You do not need to submit paper or email documentation of training to the IRB office as part of the IRB submission. Training records are imported into Click typically within 48 hours. 

    To request acceptance of alternative training documentation in lieu of some or all of the MSU training, submit documentation of previous training to a reviewer

  • Who do I contact for Training System assistance?

    For questions on how to register, verify your training status, check your project personnel training, print a certificate, get credit for an alternative training, get assistance with CITI Programs or any course completion...

    Please contact the Training System Helpdesk, by email: or phone: 517-884-4600 (weekdays)

  • Who do I contact if I'm unsure what kind of HRPP training is required?

    For questions on which path to select, what HRPP training is required, who needs to complete the HRPP or GCP training, course feedback, course content. . .

    Please contact the IRB office, by email: or phone: 517-355-2180