Revisions to HRP-513 - Template - External IRB Request

November 14, 2018

The HRP-513 - Template - External IRB Request has been revised. A description of the changes are included below.

  • Added questions related to:

    • Description of funding sources, as a record may not yet be in KC to link through the SmartForm Funding Sources page

    • Name of site PI for external sites

    • Brief description of human research activities occurring at the sites

    • Identification of where research will be conducted (U.S., international)

  • Reformatted “Section A – Independent (Commercial) IRB” section to distinguish between industry sponsored clinical trials and other studies using an independent IRB (e.g. NIH Single IRB)

  • Changed the question regarding current enrollment status from checkboxes to a descriptive answer and added a question that asks about MSU individuals enrolling subjects

  • Combined question regarding activities taking place at reviewing institution and roles on the study

  • Added another explanation that MSU does not enter into reliance agreements for exempt research

  • Added an option for “unsure” if using the SmartIRB agreement

  • Added study descriptive information to MSU IRB Office Use Only section

If you have any questions about the reliance process, please feel free to email