Reminder: Human Research Requirements

August 23, 2019

Michigan State University (MSU) Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval or an exempt determination is required for all projects that involve research or clinical investigations with human subjects conducted by faculty, staff, students, or agents of MSU before initiation of any human subject research activities.

Exemptions: For those projects that may qualify as exempt from IRB approval, an exempt determination must be obtained from the MSU IRB office prior to initiation of the human subject research.

Non-Exempt: For those projects that do not qualify as exempt, MSU IRB approval must be obtained prior to initiation of the human subject research. A limited exception may apply if MSU has agreed to rely upon another IRB's non-exempt review. However, a reliance request must be submitted by the MSU researcher to the MSU HRPP to request reliance.  Please note that reliance only applies to non-exempt submissions and that the MSU HRPP does not entered into reliance agreements for exempt submissions.

If there are any questions of whether an activity requires review or about the review process, please contact the IRB office by email: or by phone: 517-355-2180.

More information about IRB submission and review processes can be found at: