New Click IRB Workspace Enhancement: Display of Review Level

September 1, 2021

Within the Click ™ Research Compliance System, a new enhancement has been added to the IRB main study workspace to make it easier for researchers to find the study’s review level.

What information does the enhancement display?

  • Review level (BIRB/SIRB Full Board, BIRB/SIRB Expedited, Exempt, or Not Human Subjects Research)

  • Categories of review (Exempt 1-6, 97 and 98; Expedited 1-9)

  • Regulations that have oversight of the study (Pre-2018, 2018, and FDA)

  • For studies that involve human research that are expedited or full board reviewed by an MSU IRB, the BIRB/SIRB indicates the committee that reviewed the study (MSU Biomedical IRB or MSU Social/Behavioral/Education IRB)

Where is the enhancement located?

The review level enhancement can be found on the right hand side of the workspace, just below the short title of the study. More specific study details are found in the approval or determination letter, which can be accessed just below the review level enhancement (when available). Letters will notify researchers if modifications and/or continuing reviews are required for the study and if there are any special considerations for the study, along with other IRB requirements.

Screenshot of the top portion of the Click IRB Workspace on a main study, with an arrow pointing to where the Review Level is located 

Please note that the review level enhancement is only found on the main study workspace, and not on follow-on submissions like modifications or continuing review.

Why was this enhancement made?

The enhancement was made because it makes it easier for researchers, HRPP staff, and IRB members to determine the review level of a study, and IRB requirements change depending upon the review level. For example, the kind of changes that need to be submitted to the IRB differ depending upon whether your study is exempt, or whether it is expedited or full board or reviewed by an External IRB.

What studies are impacted by the enhancement?

This enhancement is currently being implemented for all new study submissions. For active study submissions before August 19, 2021, entry of the review level will be transitioned in.

Who should I contact with questions?

If you have any questions please email the IRB office at