Guidance for Human Research Studying or Impacted by Violence Experienced by the MSU Community on 2/13/2023

March 22, 2023

A webpage has been developed to provide guidance on additional steps that are being taken for human research studies that involve topics that may be distressing to participants based on the violence experienced by the MSU community on 2/13/2023. The purpose of these additional steps is to protect the rights and welfare of participants, with a focus on their well-being in the time ahead. This will be a collaborative effort that involves multiple stakeholders in the research process, such as researchers, study team members, Institutional Review Board (IRB) members, Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) staff, Office of Research and Innovation staff, and other members of the university research community. We appreciate your assistance as we work together on this process. We expect that this effort will evolve over time as we work with the community to better understand the impacts to participants and what additional support and safeguards may be needed.

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