Past Announcements - 2012


HRPP Staff Achieve Certification

The HRPP is pleased to announce that two staff members have achieved certification for Institutional Review Board Professionals.  Rebecca Gore, IRB Manager,and Katy Hunsche, Human Research Liaison,are now Certified Institutional Review Board Professionals (CIP®).

Certification requires successful completion of the CIP® exam that encompasses a broad range of IRB related questions and requires extensive knowledge of human subject research regulations and requirements. The HRPP would like to congratulate both Becky and Katy on their achievement. For more information about certification, please visit

Additions and Promotions

The HRPP and the IRB are pleased to announce the addition of several new team members and several personnel changes.

Rebecca Gore, M.S., C.I.P., is now the manager of the MSU IRB office. Becky has been with the MSU IRB office as an IRB Administrator III since 2006 and previously worked at the MSU Department of Entomology as a Research Technician. She had been responsible for coordinating the SIRB meetings, including preparation of the preliminary agenda, meeting agenda, and minutes as well as processing full board SIRB applications among other tasks. In her new role, Becky will manage the daily operations of the IRB office.

Tonya Jamison, M.S.A., is now an MSU IRB Administrator III for the Social Science / Behavioral / Education IRB. Tonya has been with the MSU IRB office as an IRB Administrator I since 2009 and previously worked at Wayne State University as an Immigration Specialist at the Office of International Students and Scholars. She has previously been responsible for processing and performing pre-reviews for expedited initial, revision, and renewal applications and reviewing exempt applications among other tasks. In her new role, Tonya will also coordinate the SIRB meetings and process full board applications.

Kimberly Hess, M.P.H., has joined the MSU IRB as an IRB Administrator III for the Biomedical and Health IRB. Kimberly Hess has a Master of Public Health from The George Washington University and is a returned Peace Corps volunteer. She has worked with The George Washington University Biostatistics Center as a Senior Research Assistant with the TrialNet Data Coordinating Center, and as a Researcher/Editor with Africa Fighting Malaria, a non-profit malaria advocacy organization. In her new role, Kim will coordinate the BIRB meetings and process full board applications among other tasks.

Melanie Hodgman, B.A., has joined the MSU HRPP as an Administrative Assistant. Melanie has a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies – Human Resources and Society from Michigan State University. Melanie has been with the Office of Regulatory Affairs since 2008 as a student aide and professional aide and provided office support to the department, including processing of financial and human resource documents. In her new role, Melanie will provide continue to support to the HRPP and ORA. 

Linda Mix has joined the MSU HRPP as an Administrative Assistant. Linda has been with Michigan State University since 2006 and has experience with MSU departmental accounting processes as well providing office support. Linda has experience managing and reconciling financial accounts, including grant expenditure and payments. Linda will provide support to the HRPP and ORA.

New Interim Director of the Human Research Protection Program

We are pleased to welcome Kristen M. Burt, J.D., as the Interim Director of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). Ms. Burt has worked with the Institutional Review Boards and the Office of Regulatory Affairs since 2001 and brings considerable expertise and experience in her role as the Interim Director. This is part of the restructuring of the Program which is comprised of the IRBs and the Human Research Liaison Program.

Human Research Liaison Program

We are pleased to announce that the MSU HRPP has recently reorganized and now consists of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office and the Human Research Liaison (HRL) Program. The HRL Program serves as a resource for investigators and study personnel regarding regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures for conducting human research, including U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements. HRLs will be visiting with investigators to assure compliance with IRB approved protocol procedures. The focus will be on projects that involve more than minimal risk to subjects and a sampling of minimal risk studies, such as those that involve vulnerable populations or federal funding. Katy Hunsche and Tracy Walker joined the program from the IRB Office. We would like to welcome Jacque Perrin, who recently joined MSU and the HRL program. Judy McMillan will lead and manage the Human Research Liaison Program.

New Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms

All conflict of interest situations related to the design, review, conduct or reporting of human research protocols that could, or appear to, affect the rights and welfare of human participants or the objectivity of the research results must be reported appropriately as soon as they arise. Currently, the MSU IRB application includes a question that asks whether any person responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting has a significant conflict of interest. To supplement this question, a newConflict of Interest Disclosure Form has been developed. It must be completed by researchers and research staff for full board (more than minimal risk) research. This new form can also be found with other HRPP forms.

Funding Agreements

When IRB projects are funded by a contract, grant, or other funding arrangement, there are several considerations related to the IRB:

  • The funding agreement must be consistent with the IRB project and related documents, such as the informed consent.
  • The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) requires specific language to be included in the agreement when appropriate (e.g. provision of care for medical injuries).
  • The agreement must be finalized and executed before the research can begin. When contracts have not yet been finalized and all other approval criteria are met, a conditional approval may be granted by the IRB (conditioned upon receipt of the final contract).

The IRBs, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and Business Connect are working together to assure that these considerations are met when appropriate. In addition, principal investigators also have a responsibility to assure that the contract is consistent with the IRB documents such as the informed consent and to assure that the contract is signed and executed before the research begins.