Use of an External IRB

For multi-site research with engaged external sites, arrangements may be made for institutions to rely on one another for IRB review. MSU may enter into a written agreement (Institutional Authorization Agreement (IAA) or IRB reliance agreement) to rely on another institution’s IRB review. The HRPP office coordinates the IRB reliance process and the MSU Institutional Official retains final authority to determine whether MSU may enter into an IAA.

How to Submit

  1. Complete the HRP-513 - Template - External IRB Request.
  2. Create and complete a New Study in Click.
  3. Upload the HRP-513 (Basic Information SmartForm page).
  4. Upload the protocol (as appropriate), informed consent, any draft funding agreement or subcontract, reviewing IRB approval letter, consent forms, and application.
  5. Submit the New Study.

For detailed instructions, see the Quick Guides.

Click Templates

  • HRP-513 - Template - External IRB Request

Available at the Click Templates page.

Click Quick Guides

  • How to Create, Save and Edit an Initial Study
  • How to Submit an Initial Study
  • Completing the Initial Study - SmartForm Pages

Available at the Click Quick Guides & Videos page.

More Information

See HRPP Manual 1-3, Use of Institutional Authorization Agreements, 1-4, Reliance on Commercial IRB, and 1-5, Use of the National Cancer Institute Central Institutional Review Board for more information.