Activities Requiring Review

MSU Requirements

MSU IRB review and approval or an exempt determination is required for all projects that involve research or clinical investigations with human subjects conducted by faculty, staff, students, or agents of MSU before initiation of any human subject research activities.

For those projects that may qualify as exempt from IRB approval, an exempt determination must be obtained from the MSU IRB office prior to initiation of the human subject research. For those projects that do not qualify as exempt, IRB approval must be obtained prior to initiation of the human subject research.

Limited Exceptions

A limited exception may apply if MSU has an arrangement to rely upon another IRB's review. MSU may enter into a written agreement to rely on another institution's IRB review or to allow another institution to rely on MSU's IRB review. Such agreements are entered into to reduce duplicate IRB review when appropriate. If you are conducting research at multiple institutions or entities, visit the HRPP reliance webpage for more information, including the process to request project-specific reliance.

In addition, MSU may rely on a commercial IRB to oversee the management and review of certain protocols when specified criteria are met. Currently, MSU has entered into arrangements with several commercial IRBs. Visit HRPP Manual 1-4, Reliance on Commercial IRBs, for the criteria of when a commercial IRB may be used.